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      1. Zhuhai CITIC Environmental Protection Industrial Park

        The Park is located in Fushan industrial park, Zhuhai City, includes waste-to-energy plant, fecal treatment plant, kitchen waste treatment plant, medical waste treatment plant, sewage treatment plant and environmental education base.

        Zhuhai Waste-to-Energy Plant, the core project of the park, is invested, constructed and operated by Zhuhai Xinhuan Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of SUS Environment. The phase I was started on August 25, 2015 and put into operation on November 28, 2016, with a capacity of 1200 tons / day; Phase II was started on March 11, 2019 and put into trial operation in May 2020, with a capacity of 1800 tons per day.

        Major Honors

        • AAA Grade Waste-to-Energy Plant

        • Guangdong Environmental Education Base

        • The most beautiful Waste-to-Energy Plant

        • Advanced Unit Open to the Public

        Design Concept

        AIA, a famous French architectural engineering design group, introduces surface materials such as frosted U-shaped glass and heavy bamboo grille to highlight the lightness and transparency of the building, all while continuing the concept of honeycomb.


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