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      1. Qingdao West Coast New District Eco-industrial Park

        Qingdao West Coast New District Eco-industrial Park is invested, constructed and operated by Qingdao West Coast SUS Environmental Protection Energy Co., Ltd., a subsidiary jointly funded by Qingdao West Coast Public Utility Group and Shanghai SUS Environment Co., Ltd.

        The park implements the "One Park, One Enterprise" mode which saves land resources, reduces operation costs, and comprehensively improves the efficiency and level of domestic waste treatment. The park is an important livelihood project in Qingdao, with three functions of waste clean incineration, environmental science education and ecological landscape park. It was selected as the national resource recycling base in 2018.

        Park Highlights

        The park is a garden type waste comprehensive treatment base, mainly including projects like waste-to-energy plant, kitchen waste treatment, sewage treatment, solidified fly ash landfill, slag comprehensive utilization and others.
        Through collaborative symbiosis between the projects, the cascade utilization of material circulation and energy, the centralized treatment and control of pollutants are realized.
        • Waste-to-Energy Plant
        • Kitchen Waste Treatment
        • Sewage Treatment
        • Solidified Fly Ash Landfill
        • Slag Comprehensive Utilization
        The whole park covers an area of 869 mu, and the construction of the park is divided into two phases. The phase I of the project was started at the end of 2017 and put into trial operation in September 2019.
        The cooperation period is 30 years. The total investment is 1.67 billion yuan, and the annual waste treatment can reach 820000 tons.
        • 869 mu

          Land Area

        • 30 years

          Cooperation Period

        • 1.67 billion

          Total Investment

        • 820,000 tons

          Annual Waste Disposal

        Design Concept

        Taking the waves of island as the design element, the whole building looks like rolling waves from a distance. With beautiful environment, the park is an ecological landscape park with leisure and sightseeing functions.


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