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      1. Environmental Protection

        As a leading solid waste comprehensive treatment enterprise in China, SUS is committed to building a stable, low-carbon clean incineration system to produce more power and generate less emissions. In environmental management, SUS obtained ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification to prevent secondary pollution in the production process.

        Energy Conservation

        As of December 2021, SUS has obtained a total of more than 60 waste-to-energy PPP projects, processing more than 100,000 tons of domestic waste per day, namely:

        • 1

          Waste Treatment

          About 30 million tons of waste are processed annually ≈ 9 Bird’s Nests can be filled
          處理垃圾 處理垃圾
        • 2

          Green Power Generation

          Annual electricity generation of about 13 billion kWh ≈ annual electricity consumption of 8 million residents
          綠色發電 綠色發電
        • 3

          Reduce Carbon Emissions

          Annual carbon emissions can be reduced by about 20 million tons ≈ 20 billion square meters of carbon dioxide absorbed by forest land each year
          減少碳排放 減少碳排放

        Meet Emissions Standards

        Waste Treatment

        The flue gas emission index is superior to the national standard and the EU 2010 standard. In strict accordance with the requirements of the environmental protection department, the automatic monitoring equipment for pollution sources is installed; the display screen is set up in a prominent position of the plant; the automatic monitoring system of the incineration plant is connected with the environmental protection department, and the government departments and the public are consciously subject to supervision.


        The self-developed leachate treatment system, adopting a number of high-tech processes such as pretreatment, anaerobic fermentation, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis, sends the generated odor, biogas and sludge to the incinerator, and then replenishes the treated reclaimed water to the cooling circulation system of the plant for utilization, which to realize zero discharge and full reuse of leachate.

        Slag and Fly Ash

        After iron removal, slag can be used as resource for building materials, filling, brick making and paving. The self-developed heavy metal chelating agent "fluoxetine" ensures that the treated fly ash is superior to the national standard and meets the safe landfill conditions.


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