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      1. O&M

        O&M (Operation & Maintenance) refers to the transfer of the whole, or part of, the operation and management of waste-to-energy in the form of agreement, within a certain period of time to a third party with professional operation and management ability, which bear the corresponding business risks for paid operation and management.

        Advantages of Commissioned Operations

        • Operating Income
          During the O&M period, the project would run safely, environmentally and stably, and the economic and social benefits would be continuously improved.
        • Resource Sharing
          Operators can share the resources of SUS, including information, technology, personnel deployment, material reserve, etc. through O&M cooperation.
        • Personnel Training
          Through the "paramilitary" management of production personnel, it builds a talent echelon.
          Improve the management system to help the client cultivate an excellent operation team.
        Strong Comprehensive Strength
        • Rich Management Experience & Mature System
        • Huge Talent Pool
          Covering All Levels of Professional
        • Perfect Supply Channels to ensure Procurement Safety
        • Advanced Digital System to Optimize Operational Control
        • Strong Technical Strength
          Benchmarking Excellent Indicators
        • Mature Operational Performance to Be the Top 1 in the Industry
        • Hangzhou Linjiang Environment Energy Project(5220t/d)

        • Shenyang Western Waste-to-Energy Project(1500t/d)


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