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      1. Flue Gas Purification Treatment System
        The flue gas produced by waste incineration is discharged with reaching the standard after dust removal, deacidification, denitration, and removal of dioxin and heavy metals. ---"SNCR + Semi-dry Process + Dry Process + Activated Carbon Injection + Bag Dust Removal" is currently the most mainstream flue gas purification process in domestic waste incineration plants. All projects of SUS Environment will add flue gas treatment processes such as SCR or GGH on the basis of the "five-step method" to ensure that the emitted flue gas is clean and pollution-free.
        " Seven-step Method "for Flue Gas Purification
        The Ningbo project adopted the most stringent "seven-step" flue gas purification combined process in China at the time. The average value of dioxin measured in 2018 was only 1/10 of the EU 2010 standard.

        Deacidification Three Times

        Semi-dry Method + Dry Method + Wet Method

        Dust Removal Twice

        Bag Dust Collector + Wet Scrubber

        Denitrification Twice


        Dioxin Removal Twice

        Activated Carbon Injection + SCR

        Continuous upgrading of flue gas purification technology-the pursuit of extreme clean emissions

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