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      1. Ningbo

        Located in Haishu, Ningbo City, the Eco-industrial park is composed of several entities like Waste-to-Energy Plant, Landfill, Kitchen Waste Treatment Plant, Food Waste Treatment Plant and Leachate Treatment Plant.

        Ningbo Mingzhou Waste-to-Energy Plant, the core project of the Eco-industrial Park, is invested, constructed and operated by Ningbo Mingzhou Environmental Energy Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of SUS holding company. The construction of the plant was started on January 1st, 2016 and put into operation on June 20th, 2017. With the 18 months of the construction work and the 100% quality acceptance rate of each node, SUS made the construction benchmark of waste-to-energy plant of the same scale.

        Major Honors

        • Zhejiang Industrial Tourism Demonstration Base

        • 2018 Luban Award of China Construction Engineering

        • AAA Waste-to-Energy Plant

        • Green Development Benchmark Enterprise

        Environment Protection

        • Discharge under Certain Standard

          The plant adopts the "seven step" flue gas purification system, making the flue gas emission index lower than the EU Emission Standard (2010 / 75 / UE).
        • Dioxin Control

          The dioxin after the purification system contained in one cubic meter of flue gas is equivalent to only one-thousandth of the equivalent amount of flue gas emitted by barbecue.
        • Waste Disposal

          The annual waste disposal capacity is 82000 tons.
        • Turning waste into treasure

          One ton of garbage can generate electricity for a family of three for three months.
        • Green Energy

          About 250,000 tons of carbon emissions have been reduced, equivalent to 260 million square meters of forest land.

        Design Concept

        Created by AIA, a famous French architectural engineering design group, the honeycomb curtain wall system is used to compare the waste recycling and resource utilization system, showing the wisdom, cooperation, enterprising and dedication of SUS people.


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