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      1. Key Technology of Large-scale Mechanical Grate Furnace

        Large-scale grate furnace generally refers to an incinerator with a single line rated processing capacity of 750t/d and above, which is mainly composed of an incinerator grate and a combustion furnace. SUS Environment, which has a firm grasp of core technology, has successively developed 750-ton, 850-ton, 1,000-ton and other super-large grate, constantly refreshing the industry's single-grate scale record.

        The 1000t/d-grate developed by SUS Environment is the first ultra-large incinerator grate in China and has already been put into use in the Sanhe Project in 2021. The super-large grate will continue to consolidate the domestic performance of SUS grate, and at the same time will promote the further development of SUS's overseas business.

        Technology Application

        With its excellent performance, SUS's large-scale grate furnace technology has been widely recognized by the market. As of December 2021:


        more than 495 sets of incineration lines


        The total scale of waste disposal is nearly 160,000 tons/day


        The market share of large-scale grate exceeds 40%

        The Ningbo Project adopts SUS 750-ton large reciprocating cascade moving grate, which has sufficient combustion, high equipment reliability and long grate life.

        9 modules, 18 wind chambers, easy to install and operate.

        The moving and static columns of the grate are alternately arranged longitudinally, with less wear and long life.

        Column movement and drop walls are designed to enhance the mixing of waste, and it is divided into modules to push materials and divided air distribution to effectively improve the uniformity of combustion.

        The combustion is stable and sufficient, the flue gas CO content is low, and the dioxins are well controlled.


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