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      1. High Parameter Waste Heat Boiler Technology
        The heat generated by waste combustion is recovered by the waste heat boiler to produce superheated steam, which is used for the steam turbine to generate electricity. The steam parameter of the waste heat boiler is a key factor that affects the thermal efficiency and power generation efficiency, and is directly proportional to the thermal efficiency and power generation efficiency. SUS Environment successfully developed a waste heat boiler with high steam parameters, which improved the thermal efficiency and power generation efficiency of the incineration plant, and ensured the long-term stable operation of the boiler.
        Benefits and Technology Application
        The use of medium-temperature sub-high pressure and sub-high temperature and sub-high pressure parameters increase the efficiency by 15.07% and 16.68%, respectively, compared with the medium-temperature and medium-pressure parameters.

        (Note: According to the 3×750t/d incineration line with 2 steam turbine generator sets, it is assumed that the efficiency of the waste heat boiler with various parameters is the same, and the steam turbines all use high speed.)

        No. Main Steam Temperature/Pressure
        Medium Temperature/Sub-high Pressure
        Sub-high Temperature/Sub-high Pressure
        01 Increase in power generation per ton of waste Reference Value 15.0% 16.7%
        02 Increase in electricity bill revenue Reference Value 14.3% 14.3%
        Classic Projects
        High-parameter boiler technology has been applied in Ningbo, Zhuhai, Shenyang, Xi'an, Guangshui, Sanhe and other projects of SUS Environment, and has achieved good environmental and economic benefits.
        Ningbo Project (2250tons/day)
        Xi'an Gaoling Project (2250tons/day)

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