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      1. Mission
        Contribute to a Cleaner and More Friendly Environment
        Become the World's Leading Comprehensive Environmental Management Enterprise
        Integrity & Responsibility | Teamwork & Innovation | Client-oriented & Win-win

        • Integrity
          We are sincere, credible, consistent with our words and deeds, and we are committed to our cause; we strictly abide by laws, business practices, company rules and values.
        • Responsibility
          We are responsible for our actions, positions, and company, and we dare to take responsibility, and our economic interests will never override the interests of safety, health and environmental protection.
        • Teamwork
          We grow together with the team, advance and retreat together, do our best, fight in a team, and believe in the power of the team.
        • Innovation
          In order to become a global leader, we have the courage to self-reflect, pursue innovation in technology and business models, and strive for daily progress.
        • Client-oriented
          Clients are the foundation, premise, and value of SUS's existence. We take customers as the center, insight into customer needs, and put customer value-added and winning customer recognition in the first place.
        • Win-win
          We pursue our own interests and development, and also pursue common development with colleagues, customers, suppliers, etc.; SUS believes that everyone can do well.


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